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It’s almost a New Year, and that means it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions and start looking to the future. It’s also time to look at what new laws will be going into effect in Pennsylvania. Now, it’s worth noting that not all new laws always go into effect on Jan. 1. Throughout the year, plenty of new laws have snuck their way into our lives. But, most major new laws do seem to roll out on Jan. 1, and this year is no exception.

There’s one law that isn’t changing this year, which I’m going to address, because people often ask about it. The minimum wage will remain at its rate of $7.25 in Pennsylvania, as no change from 2023 has been announced. According to, “While some states are on a schedule for annual increases to eventually reach $15 an hour, others still adhere to the federal minimum. Although the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not budged since 2009, more than 20 states have provided additional increases in 2024.” Meanwhile, more than 20 states have announced minimum wage increases for 2024. In the majority of these states, the minimum wage is scheduled to increase on Jan. 1, 2024.

Two nearby states have actually passed legislation to reach a $15 minimum wage between 2025 and 2026. Those states are Delaware (2025) and New Jersey (2024). Other states that have passed legislation for a $15 minimum wage include Florida (2026), Illinois (2025), Maryland (2025), New York state (2025) and Rhode Island (2025). Also, according to, “The state with the highest minimum wage in 2024 is Washington, at $16.28. If Washington, D.C. were a state, it would have the highest minimum wage at $17.00.”

Enough about the minimum wage. Let’s get to the laws that are changing in Pennsylvania in 2024. We have five of them. Depending on your lifestyle, these could directly impact you, so read on to ensure you’re staying legal.

Pennsylvania Laws Going Into Effect on January 1, 2024:

  • Preferred Organic Program Trademark

    I love a good local farm, especially when it comes to their fresh food. This bill helps farmers identify which items are from them grocery stores. Items that have the PA Preferred Organic brand “will give consumers confidence they are getting a quality product that meets the high standards they expect.”

    House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda

    Home / House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda Since 2019, the PA PreferredĀ® Organic Program has been used to increase market opportunities for Pennsylvania farmers, making Pa the top producing state for organic eggs, mushrooms, livestock and poultry - and #3 overall nationally in organic agriculture sales.

  • Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force

    Ever been in a flood? This bill is for you. Well, if you have a future flood, at least. This bill will help homeowners obtain flood insurance, which is mandatory by the state.

    House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda

    Home / House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda In recent years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has revised its flood maps to require many more properties in Pennsylvania to hold flood insurance.

  • Enforcement of Failure to Stop for School Bus With Flashing Red Lights, Imposing a Penalty and Editorial Change

    Keep those kiddies safe. This bill will “extend and revamp the school bus stop arm automated enforcement program.” It’s all in an effort for increased safety.

    Bill Information - Senate Bill 851; Regular Session 2023-2024

    An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in rules of the road in general, further providing for enforcement of failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights; imposing a penalty; and making an editorial change. Act No. 19 of 2023, Oct. 23, 2023 Printer's No.

  • Military Personnel - Residency Status for Students

    This one helps our beloved military. This bill gives limited residency to people stationed at a military outpost in Pennsylvania.

    2023 Act 14

    No Description

  • Dog Law - Omnibus Amendments

    Dog lovers, unite. This bill changes to the state dog law. For those who want a dog, this new bill alters how licenses are issued, kennel rules and penalties against violators. Keep those dogs safe.

    Bill Information - Senate Bill 746; Regular Session 2023-2024

    An Act amending the act of December 7, 1982 (P.L.784, No.225), known as the Dog Law, in short title and definitions, further providing for definitions; in licenses, tags and kennels, further providing for issuance of dog licenses, compensation, proof required, deposit of funds, records, license sales, rules and regulations, failure