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Pennsylvania Spot Named Best to See Fireworks by USA Today

Fireworks season is officially here. As it turns out, Pennsylvania has one of the best spots to see fireworks in the U.S., according to the experts at USA Today. I've already heard a bunch of people setting off fireworks when the sun goes down by where I live, and that trend is only going to continue as the summer moves forward. Of course, it may be illegal to shoot off fireworks outside of the July 4th holiday, so do your research and check your local laws before going to town on launching your town fireworks. Pennsylvania Spot Named One of the Best to See Fireworks by USA Today USA Today recently had a poll asking readers to vote for their favorite fireworks displays in America, under their section. First, they had their panel of experts pick a handful of national fireworks displays to have in the poll. Then, USA Today had readers vote for their picks. "The first 4th of July fireworks display dates back nearly 250 years, and fireworks have long been a mainstay for a wide variety of other holidays and festivities as well," the publication states. "Beyond being such a feast for the eyes, public fireworks displays are a shared experience that can bring a community together." Before we get to Pennsylvania, let's check out the No. 1 place to see fireworks in America. According to the USA Today experts, it's Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. So, that's not even very far from Michigan. "One of Chicago's secret pleasures is that you can enjoy fireworks at the iconic Navy Pier almost any time of year, including shows twice a week during the summer and when welcoming in the new year with a blast every December 31," they write. What's cool about these fireworks is that you can watch them from a boat off Lake Michigan. Now, let's get to us. Which Pennsylvania spot has been named one of the best places to see fireworks in America? It's Wawa Welcome America in Philadelphia. It totally makes sense that this would be on the tally, but it's No. 6, and I would push to have it higher. USA Today, writes, "The free Wawa Welcome America festival runs for more than two weeks, starting on Juneteenth and culminating in a free concert on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and fireworks over the Philadelphia Museum of Art." They also suggest to watch the fireworks from the parkway between Eakins Oval and Logan Circle. [select-listicle listicle_id="288635" syndication_name="tips-to-maximize-your-vacation" description="no"]

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