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Pennsylvania Fried Chicken Spot Voted the Best in the State

Crispy, flavorful fried chicken is certainly a Pennsylvania favorite. That said, it's not surprising that we have lots of great places to get fried chicken in the Keystone State. Now, one Pennsylvania fried chicken spot has been named the best in the state. This place is known for their incredible chicken, so I'm not shocked to see it named No. 1. This Pennsylvania Fried Chicken Spot is the Best in the State The food experts at have put together a feature on the best places to get fried chicken in the country. "What better way to celebrate summer than with some of the best comfort food around?" they ask. "We're talking about the mouth-watering, crunchy, and full of flavor... fried chicken." As for their methodology, this tally consists of the best fried chicken in every state according to "Yelp Elites." They picked out businesses in the "chicken shop" category on Yelp and looked for places with a lot of five-star Elite reviews. Also, this list only consisted of businesses in the United States, and Yelp included only one business per state where data was available. Each restaurant on the tally was marked open on Yelp on June 25, 2024, and also had a passing health score as of June 25, 2024, which is very important. So, which Pennsylvania fried chicken spot is the best in the state and one of the best in America? Yelp says it's Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Philadelphia. Of the spot, one reviewer, Michelle G., says, "The chicken is excellent. I ordered online and picked up. It was fresh hot and ready when I arrived. Staff was quick and friendly." Another reviewer on Yelp, Mike S., states, "The tenders were amazing. They might just be the best chicken tender I have ever had. The chicken was just so juicy, moist and very well seasoned. They also have sauces for days." The having sauces for days thing is definitely appealing and underrated. He adds that, "I will say my favorites were the Hot Honey and the Mc'Loven. The Mc'Loven is there specially sauce and a must try for any tender lover. Now my drumstick and thigh also hit it out of the park. Both were so juicy and flavorful." I'm glad to see this Pennsylvania fried chicken spot get so much love. Keep reading below for some food items to skip while you're out to eat, by the way.

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