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Divorce, much like a marriage, can be a life-altering event. The process brings many changes, from financial stress to quieter evenings at home to an empty house, or even a new house. If you have children, it could mean spending days without them for the first time. To put it simply, divorce can throw your life into upheaval
AdjustIng to the altered shape of your life and struggling to process the emotional highs and lows of a failed relationship brings feelings of betrayal and loss to anger, or even relief. “One of the biggest mistakes people make with breakups or divorce is assuming time alone will fix the problem,” says

. “Sure, overtime the pain will diminish, but just like a broken bone, if it’s not reset properly, it will heal incorrectly and may cause chronic issues.” says Rader.

When moving on after a breakup or a failed marriage, no matter how long it’s been, it’s important to keep in mind that divorce doesn’t mean your life has ended. Rather, it signals a new beginning. Tune in to Jewish Singles Radio LIVE broadcast tonight at 6:30PM on WWDB 860AM /WPEN 97.5 HD2 when we chat with Rader about the 30 day breakup comeback, mistakes people make after a bad break up and how to heal and start rebuilding your life. “The best part is the comeback,” says Rader.
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