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What is Your Personal Bank?

Your Personal Bank TM is a financial concept that strategically integrates specific financial tools from the banking and insurance industries to continue growth on funds even when you access them for other purposes.

First, a high cash value policy is established to maximize cash growth on a tax-favored basis. This is not an insurance policy most people are familiar with. These policies focus primarily on high cash growth, liquidity and are tax-favored. Between 50% to 85%+ cash is available day one, increasing to 100%+ in a few years, depending on the individual situation and how the policy is structured.

Second, a line of credit is established with a bank using the policy as collateral. There are no loan fees. Interest is charged only when you access the funds. The interest is usually tax-deductible if used for business purposes.

If you access funds from the bank line of credit, the money in your policy increases faster historically than the interest charged on the line of credit. Your keep the difference! This is positive arbitrage. The funds in the policy are principal guaranteed by the insurance company. This creates a very safe leverage of your money because the underlying asset (policy) does not lose value.

Your Personal Bank TM is often used by businesses, real estate investors, and individuals to pay down debt, purchase items, and invest in other assets. This strategy has been used successfully for over a century.

There are two primary growth options for Your Personal Bank TM polices. Both are principal guaranteed (no market loss), tax-favored, and can utilize the bank line of credit to access funds, typically at a lesser cost than the interest earned (positive arbitrage).

Consistent Steady Growth:   *guaranteed growth each year – contact us for current rates

Index Growth:  *gains based on index (typically S&P500) with principal guaranteed

Bank Line of Credit:  *rates typically lowest available and vary by account size – contact us for current rates

Contact us at or toll-free 866-268-4422 for more info.


Ferenc Toth is passionate about helping people gain control of their money, create tax-favored income, and have access to more funds over their lifetime!

Ferenc is founder of Your Personal Bank ™.   He has a knack of explaining complicated financial concepts in a simple and easily understood manner.  Ferenc gets people to think and empowers them to better understand the financial tools they are considering. He actively educates for financial literacy.

Ferenc’s company continues growing rapidly with over 5,000 clients and a dozen advisers.  Ferenc has personally advised over 1000 clients and mentored many advisors over his 20+ year career.

Ferenc has been and is annually recognized by several financial and insurance institutions as a top advisor.  He has been honored for many years as a top 10 adviser nationally.

Ferenc is a General Agent. Unlike most agents/advisors, General Agents work directly with financial institutions and typically have an extensive level of experience and knowledge.

Ferenc proudly served in the Fife and Drum Corps, 3rd US Infantry, “The Old Guard”, US Army. The Old Guard is the Army’s official ceremonial unit and escort to the president. The Fife and Drum Corps is one of the premier musical units in the US Army. Ferenc performed in many ceremonial functions at the White House and various events around the country including the Indianapolis 500 and Kentucky Derby.

Ferenc is a semi-professional bass trombonist. He performs in various groups including church orchestras and jazz ensembles.  Ferenc loves to travel with his family and is devoted to his wife and 2 daughters.  One of his daughters is diagnosed with autism. He has a special understanding for people with special needs and their families.