The Reboot Radio Hour with Steve O

Wednesdays Noon


“The Reboot Radio Hour is a round table discussion with Reboot clinicians Steve O & Felicia Greenfield-Blau as well as the always gregarious Joe Dougherty.  The program engages in topics of health and wellness particularly through the lens of various intersecting industries. It is within these crossroads that we explore the vast information and potential complexities of navigating healthcare in our modern world”

Reboot Integrative Wellness Center is a multidisciplinary healthcare provider established in 2015 with locations in center city Philadelphia and Elkins Park, PA.  Our organization is committed towards improving the health & wellness of mind, body, and spirit through the integration of traditional and complementary therapeutics across the spectrum of physical rehabilitation. In this way, we are able to provide a holistic model of patient care in hopes to “REBOOT” the human system back into homeostatic balance for optimal recovery and greater quality of life outcome.

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