Sparking The Dream

Sparking The Dream

Sparking The Dream


The Sparking the Dream Initiative

In conjunction with Talk Radio Philly,, The Lawyer2Lawyer Network and Advocacy United, a 501-c-3 nonprofit, the Sparking the Dream Initiative utilizes the media platform of talk radio to provide aspiring students from underserved and under-resourced communities with the opportunity to attend and participate in exclusive on-air broadcasts and to meet and network with top legal professionals as part of THE ULTIMATE CAREER DAY EXPERIENCE!

Why Talk Radio? Talk Radio is the ultimate networking platform, where relationships are built and enhanced every day, benefitting countless professionals in their quest to expand their profiles and endeavors.  Now it will benefit those whose lives can be impacted the most, the students!

The Process: It’s About the Students!

– The students, one or two each week, appear in the studio to participate in on-air radio broadcasts with the participating professionals.

– Students share their stories, their hopes and dreams on air for the benefit of the professionals and the Philadelphia audience to hear.

– Students meet and interact with the attorneys, ask questions and receive a motivational speech.

– Students tour the law firms and have lunch with the attorneys.

– – Students get to learn about the attorneys’ path to success (as part of the attorneys’ on-air segment)For the first time in their lives they literally have a seat at the table…All part of THE ULTIMATE CAREER DAY EXPERIENCE!


Program Goals & Objectives for Participating Students:

– The opportunity to introduce role models and mentors, including professionals with similar cultural backgrounds.

– To spotlight the path to success up close and personal for the students.

– To network aspiring students with top professionals and create connections for the students.

– To provide an inspiring, unforgettable “15 Minutes of Fame” experience for the students.

– To spark the dream and show that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Sparking The Dream Internship Program:

– One of the Primary Objectives and Benefits of the Sparking the Dream Initiative is the Unprecedented Opportunity to Network and Connect Aspiring Students with Participating Professionals for the Purpose of Building Relationships and Generating Game Changing Internships as part of the Sparking the Dream Internship Program.