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Food…Farms… & Chefs helps you save on your monthly food budgets, discusses the latest Food trends and offers cooking tips and recipes from the Food panel of experts.

Food…Farms… & Chefs teaches listeners how to get the ‘best bang for their buck’ with their monthly food budgets, cooking in or dining out, with foodie news and cooking tips, too! Tune in Tuesdays at 6 on WWDB 860 and wherever you stream, or check out the Dining on a Dime podcast library.

All episodes, along with its companion podcast, ’Learn About World Cusine,’ are available where you stream your favorite content.

Resident culinary expert, Chef Gene Blum is an acclaimed Chef who’s cooked for the players at the Super Bowl and for the Pope. He brings tutorials and pro cooking and recipe tips to Dining on a Dime fans. Contact Chef Blum at

Amaris Pollock is a professional Food Photo Journalist and avid home cook who contributes greatly to our cooking tip discussions. Contact her at