Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interviews With Neina Langford, Olga Sorzano, & Robert Ashford Download

00:59 Download January 9th, 2023

We’re ringing in the new year with a little PROOF that you can enjoy libations and food any way that you want; whether you’re celebrating with elevated cocktails and foods, stepping into a new healthier you, or partaking of ‘Dry January’–we have you covered in this week’s episode!
To start, we’re celebrating two new concepts from FCM Hospitality that just opened in Philadelphia!  Neina Langford, FCM Hospitality’s Director of Special Events, joined us to chat about the delicious new breakfast & lunch offerings from Rosy’s Cafe–and to help celebrate it, she delivered some of the tantalizing menu items to the studio!  So not only did we chat about how delightful the food is, we can attest to it from first-hand experience!  From flavorful bites of tortas, to tacos–this new spot is sure to please your palate!  Then, we danced our way into the night with NoChe!  NoChe, which is also part of the FCM Hospitality’s ever-expanding and trend-setting concepts, offers elevated bites and cocktails that will tantalize all your senses.  If you’re looking to impress, then tune in to find out just how impressive these two new spots are!
Then, we had the pleasure to introduce Olga Sorzano, the amazing entrepreneur behind Baba’s Brew aka Baba’s Bucha–a kombucha with so much heart behind it, that I’m sure you will fall in love with her family’s kombucha just as we have.  Olga joined us to let us know the story behind her booming Kombucha brand, all of the health benefits, and to answer a question that so many have asked; what is Kombucha?  On top of all the health and wellness benefits derived from drinking this time-tested beverage, it is a great alternative if you’re looking to make a delicious mock-tail!  So if your new year’s resolutions included commiting to a healthier diet, be sure to stay tuned to hear from Olga, and to find out how you can learn to make Kombucha too!
Lastly we heard from Robert Ashford who owns a number of businesses with his wife, Arielle.  Robert joined us to discuss ‘Dry January, and how Volstead by Unity, Philadelphia’s first zero-proof bar, is here to serve you the best alcohol-free time you will ever have.  Located in the trendy neighborhood of Manyunk, this very popular bar also happens to offer a menu that is entirely vegan.  Yes, you heard that correctly; a zero-proof bar that is also vegan AND it just so happens that we’re having them on during January!  This is a discussion you don’t want to miss!  Not only do we tackle the questions of what zero-proof libations are, we discussed the delicious assortment of menu options; cocktails; wines; and how this amazing duo created businesses that give back to the community.

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