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Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interview with Sophia Morris and Frank Benowitz. Genes Thanksgiving Download

00:58 Download November 22nd, 2022

We begin our show with our very own Culinary Historian, Gene Blum, as he informs us of the surprising history behind how Thanksgiving began, what was offered at the table when it first began, and how gradually it became the traditional gathering that we now know.  Some of the history may even shock you (especially if you’re a food lover).  Like how an elevated menu item that we pay extra for at restaurants today originally was considered to be undesirable. And then he goes on to describe how beer played a large role in the celebrations of thanksgiving.  We then move onto a fun interview with Chef Sophia Morris, who gave us an insiders look into what it is like behind the scenes inside a professional kitchen, and all the passion that goes into working within the culinary community.  Chef Morris then goes into some of the delightful menu items that she has created to entice you to visit Cake & Joe in Philadelphia, including some of her own favorites off the menu.  Lastly, we’ll hear from our new Food, Farms, & Chefs friend, Chef Frank Benowitz as he and Amaris sat down to talk frankly about the food community, his own passion within the culinary world, and a little bit about what he is looking forward to throughout these coming holiday celebrations, as well as touching base on what he created during the Taste of Lancaster on and off stage.

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