Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food Farms and Chefs: Interviews with Ed Webber, Ashley Naftaly, Ahmed Obo Download

00:56 Download November 21st, 2023

We know you’ll go grazy for this week’s Food Farms and Chefs Show, so we spoke with real estate developer-turned-livestock farmer, who’s farm-raised Angus and Wagyu Beef are also enjoyed inside his brewery.  Then we’ll introduce you to a PR/Marketer who ventured into making cookies as a business during the pandemic.  And our show is rounded out with a Chef who introduced a whole new world of flavorful cuisine to Santa Fe, NM!
We began our show with the CEO of Parliament Real Estate Partners; President of Parliament Consulting LLC; Co-Founder of Broad Street Brewing Company; and Co-Owner of Jericho Mountain Beef Company, Edward Webber.  Webber and his partners have a strong focus on sustainability and leveled-up by using the brewer’s used ingredients to feed the cattle on their ranch.  It’s a rather ingenious move, and a new way that beef and beer can go together so well.  There’s so much more to upack in Webber’s interview, so we recommend you stick around to find out!
Next, we sat down with Kindness Kookies Owner and Baker, Ashley Naftaly.  Ashley began her cookie venture during the pandemic, making and offering her tasty treats to fellow gym enthusiasts.  She is not shy when it comes to admitting the irony of it all, but that little gesture turned into a much larger one–as she now bakes cookies with a cause. Her sweet baked goods do good deeds, as you can designate an organization to help out.  There are also special recipe creations to look forward to, so spread a smile on your face by tuning in and finding out more about Ashley and her Kindness Kookies!
Speaking of spreading joy, our final guest joined us from Santa Fe, New Mexico!  Ahmed Obo, who is the Chef and Owner of Jambo Cafe and Jambo Bobcat Bite, was born and raised in Lamu, Kenya.  And in 1995 he immigrated to the USA via New York, finally landing in New Mexico to work and help support his family members living in Kenya.  Little did Santa Fe know that in gaining a new resident, their palates would be opened up to a whole new world of tasting sensations.  Ahmed’s business’ began as a suggestion for a special dinner night at a local Zia Diner, and very soon after it was a huge hit. Now, Ahmed’s Jambo Cafe has gained him attention from numerous media outlets, earned him a James Beard Foundation Nomination, and caused many celebrities to be enamored with his cuisine.  Curious to find out more?  Then stay tuned till the end, and hear from Ahmed why you need to visit Jambo Cafe and Jambo Bobcat Bite in New Mexico!

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