Total Transformation Radio

Mondays 1PM

860 and WWDBAM.COM welcomes Total Transformation Radio Mondays at 1.  Its mission, to impact the world with the transformational power of the Gospel through real talk, biblical teaching, testimonials, discipleship, practical living and life coaching.

“One might think that being live on the Total Transformational Radio show would be scary, but not when the host and hostess are Reverend Dr. Manuel A Howard and First Lady Vanessa Howard. They make talking to them so easy, like it’s just you and them in a private room somewhere having a great conversation. Even if you don’t think you have anything to bring to a conversation, their exceptional way of asking poignant questions, and listening with care, compassion, and interest, will bring out the best of you.  In my mind the point of the whole show is to bring the gospel into the world by sharing real relatable experiences from real people for real listeners. It was a blessing to be a guest on the Total Transformational Radio show.”                   Jerri Woolworth, CEO

Total Transformation Radio, is a place that you can tune in and receive a great impress on your heart and soul! While I had the privilege and honor to be a guest on this dynamic broadcast, I was able to receive true edification and encouragement. The topics and testimonies were ones that truly inspired and brought forth greater connection. Which reflects there utmost desire to provide topics that holds great worth and value. Our host Dr. Howard and 1st Lady Vanessa Howard set an atmosphere that breeds love, compassion and hope. Leaving for not only the listeners but those participating as guest a safe place of vulnerability and realness to receive TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!! Thank you for Dr. Howard and 1st Lady Vanessa for your obedience and Yes unto our Almighty Father!”   Latrice Le-Ann Booker

“I listened to it last night, very inspirational, those ladies had great stories and as a mother it was uplifting!

As a working mother, a spouse, and still trying to find time to take care of myself it can be very overwhelming at times to the point of where I question am I doing the right thing in all the roles that I have, hearing these women stories just reminded me that its ok to have those days, keep pushing through, it had me a little emotional as well! It was great thanks for the shout out, and I look forward to the next episode, you are truly touching the lives of many people in more ways than you know Manny and it has been a Blessing crossing paths with such an amazing, uplifting person as yourself despite your own battles, May God continue to Bless you and your family.”  Tilisha Carter, RN

“Dr. Howard the super mom session was electrifying. The presenters were authentic and real.  The program placed me in a CPE mode. I was in tears and laughter hearing the truth.
Please continue to be used by God.”   Rev. Dr. Bettye Broomfield, Pastor, St. Paul AME Church, North Charleston, South Carolina