Project Chaos with Christopher Scott Kunkel


Project Chaos with Christopher Scott Kunkel

Tune in for the true stories behind America’s darkest fights. Chris Kunkel, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the author of ‘Victory Over Chaos,’ presents ‘Project Chaos,’ a collection of first-hand accounts from warriors. These stories allow you to step into the shoes of those who have experienced the tumult of combat, providing a unique perspective on what it’s like to endure and triumph over the utter chaos that war can bring. Stories that are both entertaining and enlightening, offering true accounts of bravery, resilience, and survival against the odds. If you’re a veteran or currently serving in the military, if you have an interest in war stories or history, or if you simply appreciate compelling and well-told narratives, ‘Project Chaos’ is a great addition to your listening list.

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