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Barter with Christine is live 30 minute show with Profit Improvement Expert, Christine Radovich of Atlantic Barter. She will be discussing one of America’s Best kept business secrets… barter, and the benefits of incorporating this strategy into your business model. Each week shes interviews a different business owner, sharing their experiences and discussing how utilizing trade has increased their revenue and protected their cash flow!   If you are a business owner or an aspiring one, be sure to check out the show!

Barter with Christine: Protect Yourself Against Scams!

Today’s “barter” was simply me providing you with important information that I hope you will share with others. It is important because there are too many scams taking place to defraud individuals and businesses of their personal information and ultimately their money. So today’s show was dedicated to making people aware of how serious these…
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Barter with Christine: Interview with Aphrodite Kotrotsios, Publisher, Hellenic News of America and Paul Kotrotsios, Founder & President, Hermes Expo

I had so much fun today with my two guests Aphrodite Kotrotsios, Publisher of the Hellenic News, and Paul Kotrotsios,  Founder of the Hellenic News and Hermes Expo International. Since today is National Greek Independence Day it was so fitting to bring awareness to doing business together within the Greek community. The Expo is coming…
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Barter with Christine: Interview with Edward C. White, Jr. COO/Co-Founder of CarePortMD

Our guest is Ed White, Co-founder of CarePort MD. They provide a cost effective alternative option for being seen by a medical practitioner. By offering hours that stretch beyond normal business hours at their on site locations and 24/7 telemedicine people with non life threatening ailments can now be treated late on a Sunday night…
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