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Born and raised in Northwest Philadelphia, Councilmember Isaiah Thomas is the third youngest of nine children of a Philadelphia school teacher and a child care provider. Through Sankofa Freedom Academy, Lincoln University and the Thomas and Woods Foundation – Thomas has put the success of young people at the forefront of his work. Whether in the classroom, on the basketball court, or in City Hall – he believes that education, opportunity, and coalition building are the way to make a Philadelphia that works for all of us.

Councilmember Thomas has non-profit, government, and private sector experience which allows him to hear multiple sides of an issue and receive input from a variety of stakeholders. He has helped young people get the best possible education, provided out-of-school time (OST) programming, strengthened communities of color, and worked to improve civic education across the city.

Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, in his freshman year on Council, was named Chair of the Streets Committee and Vice-Chair of the Children and Youth Committee. He also sits on the Appropriations, Disabled and Persons with Special Needs, Education, Creative Economy, Legislative Oversight, Parks and Recreation, Public Health, Public Safety, and Technology Committees. These committee roles and the legislation he has passed highlight Councilmember Thomas’ vision to make Philadelphia work better for every family. Whether addressing gun violence, providing pandemic relief, or making the city government more transparent – Thomas believes in a government that works for the people and improves the basic quality of life for all.

A proud graduate of Philadelphia public schools, Councilmember Thomas has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State and a Master of Education from Lincoln University, the oldest degree-granting historically Black college in the nation. He still actively coaches basketball at Sankofa Freedom Academy and is President of the Coaches Association. Thomas lives in Oak Lane with his wife Klissa and their sons, Isaiah Jr. and Isaac.

Senator Sharif Street the son of John Street, a hotdog vendor who became Mayor of Philadelphia, and Helen Street-Mosee, a retired school teacher. They raised him and his 3 siblings in North Philadelphia — the same community he now represents — where he now lives with his wife, April.
Growing up in North Philly wasn’t easy for Sharif. He was only twelve years old when he first saw somebody get shot, at a festival in a park. He witnessed family and friends lose their home, forced to choose between food, medicine, or their rent. As a young lawyer, he witnessed first-hand the cruelty of the criminal justice system, where people convicted of no crime watched their world collapse around them — losing their job, their children, and their sanity — because they couldn’t post bail.

Growing up in the hood provided Sharif with perspective, an experience he used to develop a platform of policies that are personal to him. But, the sad reality is that people are struggling with the same problems all across Pennsylvania.

When it was time to choose a college, Sharif chose to attend historically Black Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance. Sharif returned to Philadelphia where he attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He served as President of the Penn Law Democrats, organizing Democrats across Philadelphia. During law school, Sharif began his public career as a community activist by organizing a Town Watch group to organize community cleanups and prevent the violence endemic to his hometown.

Commitment to his community — and communities just like his — inspired deep involvement in local organizations. Sharif co-founded and served on the Board of Directors of Urban Solution, a non-profit corporation created to address the health needs of traditionally under-served communities. He has also developed an expertise in issues related to affordable housing, serving as a Board Member for the North Central Philadelphia Empowerment Zone’s Housing Trust Fund, managing director of the Housing Association of Delaware Valley, and a member of the North-Central Empowerment Zone’s Community Advisory Committees for Housing, Crime and Public Safety, and Economic Development.

Before being elected Senator, Sharif worked as a staffer for the Pennsylvania Senate, serving as the Chief Legislative Advisor to the Democratic Chair of the Housing and Urban Development Committee with the primary responsibility of overseeing legislative, housing, environmental, and economic development initiatives. During that time, he facilitated the creation of Philadelphia Green Communities, the first environmental education program of its kind implemented in a major U.S. city.

Sharif campaigned on a vision for all Pennsylvanians — everybody deserves equal rights and equal opportunities, no matter the color of your skin, religion you do or don’t have faith in, or zip code you live in.

Sharif was elected Senator for the 3rd Senatorial District on November 8, 2016, and made history: the first Muslim elected to the Pennsylvania Senate. In January 2017, he was sworn in and immediately got to work.

As Senator, Sharif was appointed Chair of the Banking & Insurance Committee and a member of the Appropriations Committee, Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee, Health & Human Services Committee, and Urban Affairs & Housing Committee. He also serves as a member of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing. In the Senate, Sharif has become a respected leader on issues related to criminal justice reform, access to healthcare, education, and the environment.

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