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Season 2, Episode 32: Celebrating 5 Years of EatACure Wellness with CEO/Founder Marcia Moore and Her Son/Author Jilon Nasir Harvey Download

00:56 Download June 19th, 2023

Total Transformation Radio will impact and inspire listeners with transformational leadership education, biblical teaching, community engagement, dynamic prayer, family principles, race relations, marital truths, special needs advocacy, social justice, race reconciliation and community policing.

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EatACure is the alternate health and wellness solution that you’ve been looking for. Most people hate to go to the doctor or take medicine. EatACure provides you with all of the products and services you need to improve your health.

Marcia Moore has been doing dance fitness since 2013 when she started aqua therapy to be able to walk without assistance. As a certified group fitness instructor for land and water, PKFit instructor, Yoga 101, Pilates/Yoga Fusion,  and HiYo aqua HIIT certificate holder, Marcia has taken her love for dancing and her Jamaican culture to create KaribbeanKraze, a Caribbean dance fitness program teaching Step-by-step Caribbean dance moves and afro beats with total body exercises to have a fun full work out.

Purchase “Dear Future Me: : I Hope One Day You Learn To Live Soberly” by Jilon Nasir Harvey HERE

“Dear Future Me: I Hope You One Day Learn To Live Soberly” is a devotional book designed to help individuals improve their lives in various areas through biblical teachings and practice. Each day focuses on a different topic, including attitudes, relationships, self-discipline, and faith.

The book draws inspiration from several Bible verses that serve as guidelines for personal growth, such as Proverbs 16:3 which advises “Put your plans in front of the Lord, so that what you want to do will go well,” and Philippians 4:6 that encourages, “Do not worry about anything. Instead, pray to God about everything. Ask him to help you with the things that you need. And thank him for his help.”

Through daily readings and exercises, readers are challenged to put their faith into action and transform their lives for the better. This book emphasizes the importance of developing a closer relationship with God, using principles of forgiveness, and seeking wisdom from the scriptures to overcome obstacles and tap into purpose..

Ultimately, “Dear Future Me: I Hope You One Day Learn To Live Soberly” aims to inspire readers to live a fulfilling life centered on God’s word and principles, as stated in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: “Everything that is written in the Bible comes from God’s Spirit. It helps us in many ways. The Bible teaches us what is true. It warns us when we are doing wrong things. It shows us what is right. It teaches us how to live good lives. As a result, people who want to serve God can know how to live properly. They will be people who are ready to do all kinds of good things.”




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