Mark & Denise in the Mornings

A new month, a new start of the week and a new episode of Mark & Denise in the Mornings! Starting things off, Mark & Denise broke down some of the top headlines for the day. But also with these headlines, the one that Philadelphia sports fans are all the buzz over and that the decision by Lebron James to NOT sign for the 76ers. To help break that down, we brought Chris Murray to the phone lines to go through all the details of the deal and to talk about the possible next options for the 76ers. The 8 o'clock hour, sponsored by POWER, we welcomed IN STUDIO Mr. Anlin Wang. Who is an organizer of a rally that will take place later on this afternoon attempting to abolish ICE and the Berks Detention Center. Then, its Monday - it's Monday's with Ernest as we brought Ernest Owens in to break things down. As well to highlight is latest article released entitled Dining While Black.