Larry Needle, Executive Director of PHL Sports

Larry Needle, Executive Director of PHL Sports, a division of the Philadelphia Visitors and Convention Center, discussed the work of his office, bringing sporting events to the city and region to boost our tourism presense and bring revenue to the area hosptality industry.  We tslked about the past year and the effects of a Super Bowl win, how it boosts OUR psyche, but also our image to the rest of the world.  The win, caping off a stretch of high-profile events, including the Pope's visit, the Democratic National Convention and the NFL Draft make it easier to market Philadelphia to other sports organizations.  Having seven professional teams and multiple venues means big dollars to the local economy in terms of hpotel rooms, transportation and restaurants.  Larry discussed his hopes that the North American hostng of the 2022 World Cup will bring soccer to Philadelphia and we discussed 'team' efforts in landing events such as this - and the Olympics.  He disvcussed the difficulties US cities have in bidding for events, the government doesn't bankroll construction of needed venues or infrastructure improvements.  He spoke on the cooperation of City Hall and our pro teams, especially the Eagles, in promoting the region.  We discussed the upconing Army/Navy game, December 8th at the Linc, and the Operation Gratitude campaign Novemeber 7th.  That day you can donate items at multiple sites through Center City for our deployed service members, clothing items, lip balms and toiletries, games and other items are requested.  Donations can cal also be taken to the game.   A complete list of locations and items needed can be found at PHILLYLOVESARMYNAVY.COM.

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