Gary Hendler from Clean and Sober Radio

Gary Hendler, host of Clean and Sober Radio, discussed his journey to sobriety and his mission to help others.

Gary, a Philadelphia native, spent most of his teenage and young adult years in the music industry in Philadelphia.   An addiction to Quaaludes cost him everything; he was jobless, stealing and almost homeless when a judge ordered him into rehab.   He has been a mainstay fixture in the sober community in the Philadelphia area ever since.  Today Gary is a licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker, operating his own company, Suburban Real Estate.  He started one of the first synagogue AA meetings in the country 33 years ago, he speaks to community groups, law enforcement and elected officials on prevention, recovery and treatment issues.   He is best known as the host and producer of Clean and Sober Radio and a member of the Pennsylvania Advisory Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  This appointment puts Gary in an ideal position to monitor the work being done in the Commonwealth to educate and inform the people of Pennsylvania on the issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse and treatment.

Gary discussed the Opioid crisis, the need for less law and more intervention, more treatment facilities and better insurance coverage; he is also a proponent of safe injection sites.

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