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00:56 Download October 13th, 2021

The Fishtown District is world renowned for its dynamic eateries, taverns, and retail shops, while never forgetting its rich history.  People come from far and wide to live, shop, work and play in our beloved hamlet because anything you want or need is right outside your door.  This urban growth, however, can only occur when there is a partnership between residents and businesses to “make the changes they want to see in the world”.

On this week’s Find it in Fishtown Live, Marc and Kae will be joined by Jon Geeting, President, Fishtown Neighbors Association (FNA), a voluntary organization whose mission is to “connect Fishtown neighbors, preserve Fishtown’s unique character, and honor our community’s shared vision for its future.”  Jon will share how we work to ensure a vibrant, thriving, and unified Fishtown, and how we bridge our differences to create considerate and necessary development.

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