Ranking NFL Teams New Alt/Throwback Uniforms

To hype the start of NFL training camp and the upcoming 2023 season, many teams are unveiling a new gameday look. From classic throwbacks uniforms to more vibrant colorways, we've compiled a ranking for the best (and worst) of the new NFL alternative or throwback uniforms that you'll see this season. To clarify, this ranking is specific only to those teams sporting these threads on special occasions throughout the season. This does not include those uniform sets that have been updated (like the Carolina Panthers) or are a total makeover. There is a lot to unpack here. Most recently, the Tennessee Titans finally showed us what we knew was coming. They will pay tribute their history with the Houston Oilers look. The same holds true for the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles who will both throw it back to their original colors. Then, there's the Arizona Cardinals. They are the only franchise on this list that will have a completely new uniform design this season. What Was The Methodology? First of all, I considered tradition. In professional sports, so many teams' original uniforms contain a character that truly embodies the city. Over the past 20 years, many organizations have moved away from that and opted for a louder and more modern look. Now, we are finding so many players and fans alike are attracted to the simpler design that screams history, instead of that extra neon stripe down the side. Currently, the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have top selling jerseys in the NFL. They are the only two in the top ten sellers that will offer a new option for the 2023 season. Will their new alternate look be a future hot item? Time will tell. But for now, our official ranking lists the best new alternative and throwback uniforms for the upcoming NFL season.