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Every day, more than 200 preventable crashes involving disabled or stationary vehicles take place across America. Sadly, the numbers continue to climb, with recent studies (2019-2020) showing a nearly 10% annual increase in these types of accidents.

In addition, there’s been a 27% increase in fatalities of pedestrians attending to disabled vehicles — often these fatalities are good samaritans who stop to try to assist. Preliminary numbers for 2021 show that the number of motorists struck along the side of the roadway increased dramatically. Each year over 1,900 motorists with disabled or stationary vehicles are struck and killed with thousands more injured and recovering.  You can read more about these incidents here.

Since, 2016, 165 emergency responders — including firefighters, police officers, EMT’s, road service technicians, tow truck operators and safety service patrol operators — have been struck and killed. Learn more here.

You can do your part, educate your yourself, your family and your friends by visiting this link and watching the videos available here.