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Your Valuable Home

Saturdays 2PM


If you’re a homeowner, or own a rental property, don’t miss Your Valuable Home with working contractor Kevin Kennedy and his producer/co-host Ron Melk!   They ask the questions consumers need to ask as they interview experts and homeowners from all over the country about all types of home improvement and remodeling topics.  Listeners share their projects – and their horror stories (and who doesn’t have one?) as Kevin and Ron provide the education consumers need to get understandable estimates and break them down,  select a contractor, evaluate home improvement products and materials, and how to evaluate a contractor’s work – all in a tireless effort to help you get the most out of your most valuable asset… your home!

Kevin is a working contractor in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, beginning his 30th year in business under the name VSP Home Remodeling.  His focus is high-end projects…one project at a time.  An award-winning contractor, he’s introduced products for national brands and appeared in Fine Homebuilding Magazine.   Ron is a veteran  marketer who has created and produced multiple radio and television programs.  His former sales promotion agency was named the best of its type in America by Advertising Age magazine.

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