The Health Coach Ev Show


Leveling the playing field around physical and mental health

The Health Coach Ev show is dedicated to having meaningful and entertaining discussions around our physical and mental health. Having once lost control of his health, the host, Evan Transue, wants others to understand what they need to be doing to get and stay healthy so that they can live their best lives possible.

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‘The Health Coach Ev Show’ is hosted by Evan Transue, a.k.a, ‘Health Coach Ev.’ Evan grew up in the suburbs of Bucks County, PA, and experienced multiple chronic mental and physical health issues throughout his life. Having once been a high-achieving student, he watched his grades and life slip away as his health conditions got worse and worse. The student who had, at one time, scored some of the highest grades in the state for standardized testing, would be the same student who did not even finish his senior year of high school.

After multiple wake-up calls, Evan finally realized that he was the one that needed to take responsibility for his health. Through trying many things that did not work, he eventually found his truth and passion in functional medicine and healthcare. He is not against western medicine in any way, rather, he is about leveling the playing field. That is, his goal is to shine light on both the best of western and functional healthcare for the many Americans who are suffering with chronic health issues.

Evan still currently lives in the suburbs of Bucks County, Pa, and is thankful to say his health has transformed for the better. He is now a holistic health coach through both the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, author of the book Overcoming Mental Health Challenges – How I Resolved 13-Years of Mental Health Issues Naturally, and a professional speaker who shares his health story with both students and organizations.”