The Gratz Interviews

Fridays 9:30AM


At Gratz Jewish Community High School, teens from all over the Philadelphia region gather to learn, to explore their Jewish identities, and to spend time together. The experiences they share in our pluralistic setting shape who they are—and who they will become.

Students come to us with diverse interests. They benefit from our well-known expertise in Hebrew language and in training Jewish educators. They delve into everything from leadership skills to contemporary politics, all from a Jewish perspective, and they do it all while earning high school credit or, with special admission, college credit—a great boost for college applications either way.  Learn more at GRATZ.EDU COLLEGE

Every Friday morning at 9:30, listen to this fascinating inter-generational program featuring the students of The Jewish Community High School of Gratz College interviewing seniors about a variety of topics.  WWDB’s Barry Reisman hosts the program, and includes his own special selection of Jewish music.