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            Conservative Talk to Build the Base with Dean Malik and Don Beishl, Jr.

The Dean Malik Show explores national and local issues from a conservative, liberty focused standpoint.  Each Friday during the noon hour, Dean Malik and Don Beishl, Jr. speak with dynamic guests, including elected officials, political candidates, activists, business owners and everyday citizens to address matters that concern the rights and responsibilities of all Americans and that impact the future of our communities and our nation. The show not only provides interesting and thought-provoking analysis, but it also empowers citizens to take action, stand up for their principles, and make an impact.

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DEAN MALIK was born and raised on Philadelphia’s Main Line. He attended the Haverford School, Syracuse University, and Villanova Law School.  Dean served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps as a military lawyer and is an Iraq War Veteran. He also served on the Horn of Africa as a Liaison Officer organizing counter-terrorism training missions for allied nations fighting the Global War on Terror. Dean is also a former Assistant District Attorney for Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is currently in private practice.

Dean is a staunch constitutional conservative; he believes in limited government, personal responsibility, the right to keep and bear arms, enforcement of our immigration laws, free markets, property rights, and American Exceptionalism. A passionate opponent of identity politics, Dean believes that all Americans should be permitted to succeed based only upon their own merits and all should be judged as individuals.   Contact Dean

DON BEISHL, JR. was born at Stetson Hospital in the Northern Liberties to parents born and raised in Philadelphia.  He grew up in Levittown but spent every summer with his grandparents at their home in Philly’s Queen Village.   A job relocated the family to Charleston, SC in Don’s high school senior year but he returned for his Associates in Business Administration.  A born student, he continued with classes in the sciences of chemistry, physics, astronomy and Earth Science, history, micro and macro economics, sociology and psychology.

Now retired, Don was self-employed businessman and entrepreneur owning at times a gas station/convenience store, a home cleaning service, a home repair company and a remodeling business.  Golfing and political debate are his chief occupations today.

He’s worked on numerous campaigns, on both sides of the political spectrum and counts many friends to the left and right.   His current calling is this partnership with conservative stalwart Dean Malik, working to increase the conservative base one vote at a time.   Contact Don