The Adele and Michael Show

Thursdays 10AM


Adele and Michael explore different types of work relationships, including the communication amongst fellow employees, the hierarchy within a workplace between the owner, managers & employees along with business partnerships. The show also examines the unique relationship structures that exist between teammates, a parent & child, within a nuclear or extended family as well as both intimate and sexual relationships. Most importantly, they will help you navigate the relationship you have with YOURSELF!

Adele and Michael are two individuals that came from different worlds, maybe even different universes. After 17 years of marriage these two authors, motivational speakers, mentors & artists share the lessons they’ve learned throughout their lives, their relationship and their client work to foster healing, renewal and joy in their lives. Listeners will gain a new perspective and fresh insight into their individual relationship challenges through Adele and Michael’s authentic and relatable storytelling.

Adele Saccarelli-Cavallaro

After struggling with Dyslexia, ADHD and sexual abuse, Adele searched for and then co-created with her partner, Michael, processes that could help her to live a life unhindered by trauma.

In 2000, she founded the non-profit, Teamwork Wins, a Foundation of Awareness and Change, which focuses on assisting children and young adults with Invisible Challenges™ to become self-directed, free-thinking and creative individuals.

Adele is an author, speaker, artist and mentor, drawing on her life experiences in teaching in the public school, coaching collegiate volleyball, presenting at schools, sports teams, businesses and prisons, life mentoring, as well as directing educational programs about Invisible Challengesä.

Currently, Adele’s focus has been on her recently published work, Searching for Oz: a flowing tale of a woman finding herself again in the form of a modern day fairytale. The story embodies the same magic of the original. Dottie quiets her thinking mind, moves forward with courage & reconnects with her heart to integrate childhood trauma. It is a fictional story written through the lens of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The novel follows Dottie on a personal journey of finding the love of her life and the self-love that precedes it.

She also facilitates video-online coursework with the revolutionary guidebook, Searching for OZ – The Journey Home, to assist others in finding their own answers.

Adele is a mother of two, stepmom to four and Nonna to five grandchildren. She loves to pastel as well as, travel with her husband, Michael, as well as explore the beauty and stillness of life.

Michael Cavallaro

Michael is an author, artist, mentor, and speaker who has dedicated his life to finding simple, practical tools for making permanent change. He has 40+ years of experience coaching, and has helped thousands of clients to look deeper within themselves and find answers that work for them.

As an international speaker, Michael has lectured worldwide in such places as England, New Zealand, and in the US. He facilitates teamwork seminars, couples/marriage workshops, mediation and coaching in workplace, personal development classes, as well as individual sessions. He has worked with CEO’s, VP’s, HR, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, teachers, trainers, sales professionals, parents, executives, lawyers, judges, couples and more.

Michael is the author of several books that help people in all areas of life. His first published book, “The 55 Concepts, A Guide to Conscious Living,” forms the foundation for all that followed. Its concepts, while simple, have layers of meaning that take a lifetime to digest. The book has been read and practiced by people worldwide. Other books, include “Change your Mind, Not your Child”, as well as the guidebook, “Searching for OZ – The Journey Home.”

In 2002, Michael founded “Living Concepts” (LC), a company that provides personal, written, audio instruction on human patterning, belief systems and expanded consciousness. He currently shares a library of free material on his website and produces free live videos quarterly as a contribution to humanity.

Different than a psychic or someone who channels, Michael has the self-described “clairsentient” ability to “sense and interpret the vibrational frequencies of self and others”. He feels and understands the vibrational patterning of quantum physics in regards to the human being.

Michael is a father of four, stepdad to two and Pop Pop to five grandchildren. If he is not creating mix media art, you will find him traveling with his wife, Adele, and exploring unseen worlds.