Philly Business Spotlight Hour

Thursday 10AM


Philly Business Spotlight Hour is a one of a kind radio program that provides an insider’s look at what  today’s small business owners experience on a day to day basis throughout Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.  vicinity that will feature both new and seasoned businesses and professional leaders every week.

Philly Business Spotlight Hour is hosted by Philly talk show personality, Joe Doc Jr.  and business consultant and financial advisor with PLC Financial Solutions, Brian Dougherty.

Philly Business Spotlight Hour promotes local businesses, providing exposure for quality area companies, professionals, firms, contractors/employers, products and service providers to the Philly area market; educates the general public, including anyone considering a startup small business and even long time business owners, on optimal  practices, supportive services and the resources available to help maximize the long-term success and provides an exclusive media platform for our Philadelphia area business community to promote their agendas and issues!   It’s Philly’s “On Air” hub for companies and consumers to tune in, participate, interact and share business related news, info and resources.