Off the Beaten Path with Chris Hulse

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Mondays at 4:30pm

Welcome to the journey as we go OFF THE BEATEN PATH with Chris Hulse!

Chris is your tour guide each week through some interesting and unique places out there in the world: those places he’s heard about in the whispers of local communities that might not be found in a book or were accidentally stumbled on the way to someplace else. Think theatre of the mind…. Or better yet, road trip of the mind.

He will also have a guest on each week discussing some facet of travelling – whether they are a travel agent, or an expert on national parks, or someone who has experienced something through vacationing that has given them interesting stories to share.

Chris says, “If I can inspire people to get outside and discover hidden gems for themselves – then mission accomplished!” Escape, experience something outside of your everyday world and explore those places OFF THE BEATEN PATH with Chris Hulse.


Chris Hulse has been doing road trips his whole life. He has crossed the country coast-to-coast in his car 7 times. He’s been to all 50 states (a dream he has been pursuing since his grandfather promised to take him to Alaska when he was 12). He currently has entered 2500 U.S. counties which includes every county in 29 states. He belongs to numerous travel-related organizations – he is currently Vice President of the Extra Miler Club (member since 1997), and is a member of the Road Maps Collectors Association and the All Fifty States Club.

Chris is a Distinguished Toastmaster as well,  (which means he gives public speeches for fun!) and he’s working on his first book. He also enjoys climbing lighthouses, collecting road maps and road signs, and visiting river headwaters and confluences and of course, documenting his trips through the almost 300,000 pictures on his phones!

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