Real Time Living For Boomers and Millennials with Tom & Rae

Fridays Noon


Let’s get Real with the Times that we’re Living in!  We’re all booming toward infinity in a millennium that has few limits.  

Philadelphia, warmly referred to as Philly, is experiencing an acceleration in economic and cultural growth.  It provides “Real Time Living for Boomers & Millennials” and its personable co-hosts Tom & Rae, an endless source of magazine-style topics to explore.

“Real Time Living” offers a healthy balance of the more serious subjects, such as business, health and education, with frequently lighter topics such as food, sports and entertainment.  The rapid and positive flow maintains the right amount of anticipation and surprise.

The engaging upbeat styles of the hosts will emphasize the similarities – and differences – of their respective generations.  Tom Chance represents the perspectives of a seasoned Baby    Boomer, while Rae Brown delivers the evolving views of tech-centric Millennials.

We are a City and media force poised for Global excellence. Get ready Philly and beyond!