The Matarazzo & Lubcher Show


The Matarazzo and Lubcher Show


The Law Offices of Matarazzo & Lubcher, P.C., Experience The Law Offices of Matarazzo & Lubcher, P.C., where Stephen Matarazzo and Steven Lubcher work tirelessly to defend your rights as workers in New Jersey. Today you made a good choice. You’ve decided to stand up and protect your rights.

Dedicated New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Accident and Injury Lawyers 

Many workers are misled into thinking they have no recourse in the law when their companies or their companies’ workers’ compensation insurance carriers refuse to provide them with the benefits to which they are entitled. We feel a sense of loss when a worker is tricked into not pursuing their protected rights. You have every right to seek medical treatment, compensation while you are out of work, and then a final award or settlement for an injury which occurred on the job, regardless of whose fault the injury is.  It’s our mission to defend the interests of workers who are injured, giving their all for the companies they work for. We are eager to help you uphold your rights

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