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Whitemarsh Supervisor Candidates Christi O’Donoghue Rotelle & Fran O’Donnell, Founder of Moms for America Kimberly Fletcher Download

00:53 Download October 22nd

Stan and Vicki are joined by Whitemarsh Supervisor Candidates Christi O’Donoghue Rotelle & Fran O’Donnell, Founder of Moms for America Kimberly Fletcher

Whitemarsh Board of Supervisors 

All powers and duties of the township are exclusively vested in and exercised by the Board of Supervisors. The Board’s powers and duties include but are not limited to the following:
To adopt a budget, make appropriations for expenditures for lawful purposes and levy taxes
To adopt and amend an Administrative Code which shall create, alter, combine and/or abolish municipal departments, boards, commissions, agencies, authorities and committees and prescribe their functions, duties and procedures

To adopt ordinances and resolutions
To amend or repeal any ordinance previously adopted
To authorize the borrowing of money, except for revenue anticipation loans
To authorize the construction of public capital improvements
To establish, alter or abolish the rates or charges for any utility supplied by the township
To establish, alter or amend any zoning, subdivision, land development or building regulations
To establish, levy and collect taxes and provide the rates thereof
To exercise the power of eminent domain
To grant, renew or extend a franchise
To provide for a fine or other penalty or establish a rule or regulation for the violation of which a fine or other penalty may be imposed
To purchase, convey, lease or authorize the purchase, conveyance or lease of any real property

Kimberly Fletcher

Labelled by the media as “an unabashed America-loving mom”, Kimberly is an author, columnist and the president and founder of Moms for America®. She is the wife of a retired Air Force officer and mother of 8 children, who has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire the mothers of America to realize their immeasurable worth and powerful influence on society simply by being who they are. Kimberly has the authored or co-authored several books including “WOMEN: America’s Last Best Hope.” She has appeared on numerous national media outlets including Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, Townhall, The Blaze and Breitbart. Kimberly has over 17 years’ experience in grassroots activism, including working with two presidential campaigns. She and her family live in Omaha, Nebraska where her husband retired from the Air Force in 2016.

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