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Western, Natural, and Functional Medicine – 02-24-21 Download

00:58 Download February 24th

Evan is joined by special guest Cory Firth, Interim Executive Director for the Canadian Psychedelic Association.


Cory is a former media agency founder and human impact entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in communications, brand strategy, business design, functional health and human optimization. As a plant medicine advocate for over 15 years, Cory is passionate about supporting the CPA in its efforts to advance the decriminalization and legalization movement in Canada. Cory joins the CPA in pursuit of expanding alliances with local, national and international partners with the intention to unite the psychedelic community nationwide and to nurture a foundation for safe, ethical and responsible use of plant medicines in Canada.

Cory has committed his career to a vision of the future where mental health and disease are viewed as holistic, collective experiences and the shame and stigmatization of our communities are replaced with compassion and connection. A future where Canada inspires the world with its ability to accept, support and provide opportunities for all of its people to reunite with our innate abilities to heal, overcome and actualize our full potential.

From Cory’s LinkedIn profile:

“I spent the last 3 years and over $100,000 on completely rebuilding my mind, body and inner-self during a personal development journey that took me across the world to uncover a new path for my life and work, teaching me what it truly means to live on purpose.

As we continue to move from the Information Age to the Understanding Age, I leverage the power of this uncommon journey to integrate functional business design, emotional intelligence patterning, productivity modelling, and human optimization experiences in my practices to help brands find clarity, vision, and a return on the person-to-person investment within their organizations.”



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