The Marshall Portnoy Show

Marshall Portnoy talks to you!

The phone lines are open! So much has happened in the last several weeks, and I am anxious to hear from you about Pittsburgh, Thousand Oaks, the election, whatever is on your mind.

The Massacre was significant to me not only as a domestic act of anti-Semitic violence, but for what it illuminated about the sometime uneasy relationship between Israel and American Jewry. In that light, I’ll feature an editorial by Michael Oren, Knesset member and former Israeli ambassador to the United States. 

Jill Caine joins me to discuss the important work of Golden Slipper Gems.

In a segment entitled “Justices Shall You Pursue”, we’ll celebrate the birthdays of Louis Brandeis and Merrick Garland.

Music by Laurie Akers, Jeffrey Klepper, Rachelle Shubert, Itzak Perlman and many others.

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