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It’s one of the most entertaining and delightful books I’ve read in years. Imagine growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs in the 50’s, and your father — founder of the Philadelphia 76ers — telling you that Wilt Chamberlain was going to take over your bed and bedroom for the duration of the basketball season! Well, that’s just the beginning of David Richman’s rhapsodic, nostalgic reminiscence of sports, family, love, loss and life, Wilt, Ike and Me. Join me for an extended conversation with author David Richman – – it’s a “goosebumps” interview!

Because portions of our show are recorded and scheduled weeks in advance, we had to delay an examination of the Pittsurgh Massacre until next week. Rest assured that this event is not being ignored. On the contrary. beginning next Tuesday and through Chanukah (and doubtless beyond!), we’ll spend time discussing this sad tragic event, and its implication for our beloved counTRIES – – the United States and Israel. That all begins NEXT Tuesday, November 13. The phone lines will be open, I’ll be reading your letters and e-mails, and we’ll also be welcoming Jill Caine of Golden Slipper Gems.

Meanwhile, I know what you will be doing this coming Tuesday, besides listening to The Marshall Portnoy Show on 860 AM in Philadelphia, or by simulcast on You are going to VOTE if you have not already done so.

Me, I’m a conservative. I believe in conserving. . . . not outdated values, but eternal values. We say in Judaism, “chadesh yamenu k’kedem”. Renew our days as they used to be. When telling the truth stood for something. When balancing the budget stood for something. When reaching out to the poor, the homeless tempest-tossed was the same thing as assuring the greatness of America. When we could declare, O God, keep my lips from guile. When the words of our mouths and the mouths of our leaders could be counted acceptable unto God. Think about those conservative values when you walk inside that sacred space, the voting booth.

Keep in touch! I love to read your cards, letters and e-mails ( or P.O. Box 2786, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004), and (with your permission) share them on the air.

Shalom Uv’racha, Peace and Blessing. Marshall

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