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I cannot launch into a description of this Tuesday’s show without first commenting on the events of yesterday. The hearts of all of us in Philadelphia go out to the people of our sister city on the other side of the Commonwealth. 


However, simply to leave it at a prayer for healing – – both for the families of those who died, whose lives are irrevocably altered, nay, shattered – – and for those who were injured in body and mind – – is hardly enough.


These prayers, which we all share, must be accompanied by Censure of our national leadership. 


Censure for the calculated callousness in coupling this event, not with a courageous call for gun control, but for a chilling exhortation for guns and rifles in every church and synagogue in this country. 


Censure for the blatant insensitivity in not canceling yet another rally celebrating bullying and hooliganism in our society. 


Censure most of all for polluting the institution of the Presidency into a national virus whose poison, like all the pollution which it excuses, nay, embraces – – – has infected this country such that we have become inured to accept that which is unacceptable, and accustomed to that which violates the spirit and substance of every responsible reflection which has defined the American experience.


I will have more to say this Tuesday, so I hope you will tune in. The show is another in our series entitled “Movies is Magic”. And, connected with Pittsburgh, you will hear about a brilliant brand new film by Fred Finkelstein, Leaving Memel, which traces another frightening incident in human history, one with which we are well acquainted. Irv Slifkin, our Philmadelphia Movie Maiven, joins us for a discussion of scary movies on this Erev Halloween. And Philadelphia movie maker Marty Kryzwonos discusses his new movie Mazurkas, a tender, beautiful and bittersweet exploration of love and forgiveness.


The Marshall Portnoy Show is heard every Tuesday at 10 AM, in Greater Philadephia at 860 AM, or simulcast anywhere in the world It is rebroadcast every Friday at 10 AM.


Final word – – whatever you tune into this week, be sure to Vote NEXT Tuesday. Your vote has never meant quite as much for the future of decency and democracy in our beloved United States of America.

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