The Barnes Foundation with guest Martha Lucy

Martha Lucy, Deputy Director for Research, Interpretation, and Education for The Barnes Foundation, discussed the world renowned  museum and art education center.  She told about Dr. Albert Barnes, a medical inventor and a self-made millionaire by age 30, and his interest in art that became a passion to educate others, especially those with little access to great works.  She spoke on how he developed his ‘method,’ an art appreciation that creates ensembles of painting, sculpture, furniture and everyday objects to show the context of a piece.   Martha discussed his collection, begun with artists unknown at the time or artists who were not yet appreciated, and growing to the single largest collection of Renoirs, a vast number of Cezanne and important pieces by Picasso, Modigliani, Berthe Morisot – now featured in a special exhibit - and more.  She gave us a We talked about the move to the Parkway and how it allowed for special exhibits, more visitors, more classes and more programming, including lectures and films, supporting the collection.  She described the classes, from ‘appreciation’ to college-credit courses, who should take them and the scholarships available.   She noted that low income residents can see the collections and attend classes at reduced rates or even free.  She also discussed the Foundation’s school outreach programming, in keeping with Dr. Barnes’ mission students can return to the collection with a parent.