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Senator Doug Mastriano, PA Superior Court Judge Candidate Megan Sullivan, and Commonwealth Court Candidate Stacy Wallace Download

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Don is flying solo today and is joined by Senator Doug Mastriano, PA Superior Court Judge Candidate Megan Sullivan, and Commonwealth Court Candidate Stacy Wallace.

SENATOR DOUG MASTRIANO is a combat veteran and the son of a career US Navy man.  He is an Eagle Scout and worked as a paperboy, janitor, security guard, short-order cook, pizza delivery person and dishwasher.  Doug was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1986 and served on the Iron Curtain with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in West Germany. While serving along the East German and Czechoslovakian borders, he witnessed the end of the Cold War and thereafter deployed to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm (1991) to liberate Kuwait. His regiment led the attack against Saddam’s elite Republican Guard forces. Doug went on to serve in Washington, DC, the 3rd Infantry Division and US Army Europe.  After 9/11, Mastriano was the lead planner for the operation to invade Iraq via Turkey.  He served four years with NATO and deployed three times to Afghanistan.  Mastriano was the director of NATO’s Joint Intelligence Center in Afghanistan, leading 80 people from 18 nations.  On his own initiative, Doug led seven relief operations to help Afghan orphans.  He completed his career as a Professor of the U.S. Army War College (PAWC), Carlisle, PA, and taught Strategic Studies at the Master Degree level to the next generation of senior leaders.

Mastriano is a Doctor of History (PhD) and has four master’s degrees: Strategy, Strategic Intelligence, Military Operations, and Airpower.  He earned a BA from Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania and was the alumnus of the year in 2009.   He led the search to locate where America’s greatest WW I hero, Alvin York, received the Medal of Honor and led the construction of a three mile trail, with two monuments and nine markers in the Argonne Forest of France.  He published 30 articles on strategy and historic topics and authored the book Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne which received four awards. His new book, Thunder in the Argonne is the first to tell the complete story of America’s largest battle, the 1918 Meuse-Argonne Campaign.  Doug’s next book, Pershing’s Lieutenants, was just released and is an edited work that focuses on the leadership style of American officers in the First World War.

Mastriano has appeared on Tucker Carlson, C-Span, numerous national radio programs (John Batchelor Show, Eric Metaxas Show) and on Fox Business with Stuart Varney.  He retired from the U.S. Army in November 2017 after 30 years of active duty as a Colonel.  In 2018, he was a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 13th U.S. Congressional District, where he overwhelmingly won Franklin and Fulton Counties and placed 3rd (of 8 candidates) in Adams and Cumberland Counties.

Doug is married to Rebecca (Stewart), whose ancestors settled this region of Pennsylvania in 1732.  Rebecca was a chaplain with Marketplace Ministries at Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe. Their son Josiah is a graduate of Liberty University, and an Eagle Scout, Canadian Chief Scout and recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

Mastriano is an active member of his church and resides near Caledonia State Park, Pennsylvania.

Mastriano was elected to serve as the Senator for Pennsylvania’s 33rd District in May 2019, which includes all of Adams County, most of Franklin County and parts of Cumberland and York Counties.   Mastriano has thirty years of experience building teams to get the job done.  He has dedicated his life to fighting for freedom, defending our families and serving the people of this great land.

STACY WALLACE is graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Stacy was motivated to become an attorney to provide those in need with the quality and professional legal representation we all deserve. Stacy graduated from Duquesne University Law School in 2004 and gained immediate experience within the judicial system. She conducted legal research and drafted both trial and appellate court judicial memoranda and opinions. These experiences would inspire her to one day run for judge.

Stacy’s diverse and comprehensive legal career, which began while she was still in law school and spans nearly 20 years of legal experience, makes her the ideal candidate for the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. As an attorney, Stacy has represented an extensive range of clients in both the private and public sectors, worked on behalf of local and regional nonprofits, such as Northwestern Legal Services, and argued cases involving county and state government entities. She has served as a specially appointed law master and Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act (SORNA) counsel, been certified as a conflict resolution mediator, and shared her knowledge of the law as an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford and as an instructor in continuing education courses for fellow attorneys. As an entrepreneur who founded her own law practice in 2012 and the current President of the McKean County Bar Association, Stacy has advocated for rank-and-file Pennsylvanians and served as their guide to our Commonwealth’s legal system. Stacy believes the best judges have real-world experience to understand how their decisions will impact those in their jurisdiction. If elected, Stacy will be a judge for all Pennsylvanians, drawing on her perspective and past experience to craft decisions that are legally and constitutionally grounded.

Unique to Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth Court serves as the trial court for election law proceedings and cases in which the Commonwealth is a party to an action. The Court sits as an appellate court for matters involving state and local government and regulatory agencies. As an arm of Pennsylvania’s judiciary, the Court exists to protect and defend the rights of Pennsylvanians under the law as defined in both the state and federal Constitutions. Stacy knows that the role of a judge is to uphold our founding documents in the spirit with which they were written. This philosophy will guide her throughout her time on the bench.

Seeking justice requires both attorneys and judges to put respect for the law above all else. Judges cannot issue just decisions if they allow the fear of being overturned on appeal to influence their decision making. While working at the appellate level, Stacy assisted in drafting opinions and saw firsthand the importance of judicial integrity and unwavering commitment to the law – including adhering to our founding principles – of which she will prioritize as a member of the Commonwealth Court. As a Commonwealth Court judge, Stacy will ensure all parties know they were heard and understood, offer fair and impartial adjudications, and communicate her reasoning in a manner to be understood by all Pennsylvanians.

MEGAN SULLIVAN is a veteran litigator with twenty years of legal experience as both a criminal prosecutor and civil attorney. Over the course of her career, Sullivan has gained substantial trial and legal experience. She has served as a prosecutor in the Chester County District Attorney’s office, a Deputy Attorney General in the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, a litigation attorney in private practice, and general counsel for a state university. Sullivan’s extensive background in both criminal and civil litigation, which includes cases before both the Commonwealth and Superior Courts, provides her with a breadth of knowledge that makes her well prepared for an appellate court position.

As a prosecutor for more than 12 years, Sullivan proved to be a fierce advocate for victims and the citizens of the Commonwealth. She worked for nearly a decade as an Assistant District Attorney in Chester County from 2002 to 2012. In 2017, Sullivan became a PA Deputy Attorney General where she worked to protect citizens through her investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud committed by individuals and corporations in every industry throughout the state. She also spent an extensive period of time in the appeals unit, drafting briefs and arguing appeals before the Superior Court. Through her experience in both the state Attorney General’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office, she has handled all aspects of criminal prosecutions and prosecuted an extensive range of crimes, ranging from child abuse to white collar crime.

In addition to her experience as a criminal prosecutor, Sullivan served as assistant general counsel to West Chester University, negotiating contracts, litigating labor arbitrations, and advising university departments on federal and state regulatory and higher education laws, as well as other legal matters. She also spent several years in private practice representing businesses, municipalities, and educational institutions in a range of civil litigation. Her work included defending the Commonwealth and various municipalities on legal matters including employment complaints, and civil claims.

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