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Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders and Susan Brotherton of the Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia Download

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From the Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia, Captain Tawny Cowen-Zanders, Divisional Secretary,  and Susan Brotherton, Director of Philadelphia Social Service Ministries, discussed the mission and programming of the local charity.  Captain Cowen-Zanders described their work as a holistic approach, providing for the needs of the individual physically, emotionally and economically as well as spiritually.  We discussed the poverty of Philadelphia, the hunger and housing crisis, and how the Salvation Army works to get families back on their feet through Pathway of Hope, with counseling, financial planning, education and jobs.  We discussed how the case managers work with the families to set goals and then plan ways to attain them.  Ms Brotherton described the community specific programming offered; in Kensington there is a day shelter for women with immediate comforts – and help to get them off the street when there is enough trust established.  We discussed the trauma of poverty and how it affects children, how many of the women and children involved in human trafficking get there through vulnerability, many as young as 12.  The Captain noted that in the past, many involved prostitution became addicted through  self-medication as an escape, today they see the reverse, people with addiction issues turning to it as a way to support their addiction.  They spoke on their work with other providers and with law enforcement, today many women are brought to the shelter instead of jail.

Both discussed their many facilities, including drop in centers or community recreation and arts centers such as the Kroc, emergency shelters, housing for single men dealing with addiction and senior housing.  They described their programming for kids, families and seniors and they reminded us that the Salvation Army is still in the disaster relief services, whether it’s a local apartment fire or a hurricane across the country.

To learn more about the Salvation Army and how you can volunteer or donate, visit SAPHILLY.ORG.  Follow them on Twitter at SalArmyPhilly.

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