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07-28-21 – Preality and Social Navigation Download

00:55 Download July 28th, 2021

On his debut show Dr. Charles Pidgeon speaks about consciousness, preality experiences, and social navigation.

Dr. Pidgeon uses the pen name Dr. P. for the show. This is for convenience and nothing else. He has been a scientist for decades and very well published in many different scientific disciplines. The easiest way to view his prior work is to search in Google Scholars his name, Charles Pidgeon. This internet search will demonstrate the breadth of his scientific knowledge. There you will find a significant list of his peer reviewed science papers he pursued earlier in his career. Currently, Dr. P. spends most of his time mentoring high school and college students in neuroscience. Recently, Dr. P. founded the Neuroscience Sensory Unit (NSU) and since then, he has mentored approximately 40 students. This year the NSU will publish four books. He has written and published the book ‘Social Consciousness Pedagogy’ in laymen’s language to communicate to the general population concepts related and important to a person’s personal reality or preality when socially navigating in today’s complex world of cell phones, computers, AI, etc.

Consciousness for each of us is all there is. Without it there’s no world, there’s no self, there’s nothing at all. It is our preality. Film makers did very well financially with reality TV, maybe they should have called it preality TV because they are trying to entertain by filming how people behave, which is an integral part of their preality! When different people’s preality agree, the people call it reality. Consciousness has less to do with pure intelligence and more to do with our nature as living and breathing animals. You don’t have to be smart to feel pain, but you have to be alive! Consciousness includes both the outer world and the inner world.

Preality experiences are kinds of controlled hallucinations that happen with, through and because of our living bodies.  Two aspects of preality are worth noting; there are experiences of the world around us, full of sights, sounds and smells, there’s multisensory, panoramic, 3D, which is fully immersive inner movie. And then there’s conscious self. Your preality is quite malleable and flexible. The rest of today’s show will describe a few examples of the flexibility of a person’s preality. Understanding the nature of preality requires many real-life examples.



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