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Philly Business Spotlight Hour With Guest Kelley Dougherty Eubanks, LMFT Download

00:55 Download February 23rd, 2022

Joe Dougherty hosts the Philly Business Spotlight Hour showcasing important businesses in our community.  Today he is joined by Marriage & Family Therapist Kelley Dougherty Eubanks.

Kelley Dougherty Eubanks, LMFT (preferred pronouns: she, her, hers) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is the founder of In Between the Lines Therapy. In many ways, therapy found her. She was looking for the purpose of her life and kept being drawn to graduate psychology programs. Kelley met with the head of the Marriage and Family therapy program who told her right away that she has a systems brain.

Kelley made it her mission after working in various of jobs including in-home therapy for families, an outpatient treatment center for children’s mental health, and a small private practice in Chestnut Hill, to create a space that was a little different. Kelley noticed how crucial the skill level was of her therapists (yes, most therapists see therapists), how the space where therapy is being conducted must be welcoming, and how important the message of “overall wellness” really can be to clients.

The term wellness gets thrown around a lot, but Kelley is determined to make your mental health the center of your wellness plan and all the facets that fall into your mental health get discussed during sessions. She processes diet, nutrition, stress management, routines, exercise, and many more related things with clients on a regular basis.

Kelley has extensive training in working with children, adults, couples, and families. She works with clients struggling with various issues including anxiety, depression, fertility issues, and relationship struggles.

In Between the Lines was created with the vision that it would be a practice that focused solely on therapy for the system, not just the individual.  All of our therapists have training in couples and individual work. We firmly believe in hiring therapists who are not only clinically trained and licensed, but who are also kind and ethical people because YOU deserve the best. We have the best team in Philadelphia assembled to support you and your relationships.

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