Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

Randy Duque, Deputy Director for the Community Relations Division of the City of Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, discussed his agency.  Pre-dating the Civil Rights Act,  Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations was established in 1951 under the City’s Home Rule Charter, it is the local agency that enforces the civil rights laws and deals with matters of inter-group conflict within the City of Philadelphia.  Areas of focus include housing discrimination, employment discrimination and the defusing of situations before they become legal issues.  Mt. Duque described their work within neighborhoods and schools, working with the different groups and interests to find resolution.He discussed the Dispute Resolution Program, which provides mediation, conciliation, counseling, and referral services to individuals, households, and groups that have a dispute and an ongoing relationship with each other, Mediation, a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution process run by a neutral PCHR staff member, its work with community groups and government entities to promote and build positive intergroup relations throughout the City and its specific ways to resolve, track and prevent intergroup conflicts in our schools.

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