Don’t Back Down

Don’t Back Down

Perkiomen School Board Member Keith McCarrick, Director of Springfield School District Candidate Angelina Banks, Upper Perkiomen School Board Candidate Jessica Gallagher,Realtor Harvey Spear, Dr. Elana Fishbein from No Left Turn, Download

00:55 Download September 17th, 2021

Stan, Vicki, and Don are joined by Andy Teitelman, Perkiomen School Board Member Keith McCarrick, Upper Perkiomen School Board Candidate Jessica Gallagher, Director of Springfield School District Candidate Angelina Banks, Realtor Harvey Spear, and Dr. Elana Fishbein from No Left Turn

ANGELINA BANKS is a native Philadelphian who grew up in West Mount Airy. Ms. Banks is an experienced operations manager, public relations and marketing coordinator and consultant. She is a proud member of Central High School’s 260th graduating class, and served as class representative and reunion chair for over 18 years. In her formative years, she developed a passion for theatrical arts, film and T.V. She invested much of her time refining her craft on stage, on screen and behind the scenes including a production contract with ESPN. After earning her B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University in 2004, she entered the not for profit world to explore a passion for serving and empowering others. During this time, she volunteered at her local library branch in Baltimore, Maryland as a drama coach and taught improvisation classes for the youth and teen programs. Ms. Banks eventually returned to the stage, appearing in various productions in the Los Angeles area. While in Southern California Ms. Banks donated her time serving children in the state’s foster program in conjunction with the Foundation of California Community Colleges. In 2015, Ms. Banks returned to the East coast inspired and fueled with newfound knowledge, perspectives and experiences. Ms. Banks currently resides in Wyndmoor with her small children and family.

With a degree from Peirce College and the Temple University Real Estate Institute, HARVEY SPEAR has founded and managed several business ventures in addition to maintaining a robust real estate career.

After serving as co-founder, owner, and president of E-Z Park, Inc., located in Old City, Harvey became co-founder and managing partner of Centra Associates, a Pennsylvania partnership that owns and operates over 35 brownstone buildings in the Center City area.

He currently serves as chairman of the Old City District and is President of the River West Condominium Association. Formerly, he served as a board member of the Housing Division of the Jewish Federation. Harvey still holds a Real Estate Sales License for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

No Left Turn in Education is a grassroots movement of parents, families and citizens. We are workers of all kinds. We are attorneys, educators, social workers, scientists and physicians. We believe that K-12 education should be free from indoctrination and politicization.
Radical teachings motivated by a political agenda and deliberately spread by many teachers, administrators, school board members, and even state officials have infiltrated schools across the nation. Unfortunately, all too often words such as diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, anti-racism, systemic racism, human rights education and health education concealed an aggressive, radical totalitarian ideology. From The 1619 Project, to Critical Race Theory, to Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), the goal is to overturn our society by sowing divisiveness and hate. The social unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd in May 2020 provided the perfect cover for complete assault and takeover of the educational system. Aided by the “mainstream media” and some politicians, many educators and administrators have become the true schoolyard bullies, using taxpayer funds to brainwash the children who are their captive audience.

Parents from all walks of life are waking up to this troubling reality. The trust that they once had in the schools and the educators has been shattered as they are denied access to what is being taught to their children at school. Anxiety, anger and despair have been spreading among many parents while many children have been confused, bullied, shunned and traumatized. Many educators are under tremendous pressure and conflicted between their duties and their values.

Parents, children and teachers are afraid to speak up and resist. In No Left Turn in Education we believe in restoring the intended relationship between parents and the public education. Congress enshrined these words in creating the Department of Education in 1979: “Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children, and States, localities, and private institutions have the primary responsibility for supporting that parental role.” This basic truth has long been part of the fabric of our nation.

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