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Dr. Scott Stephenson, President and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution, discussed the museum, which celebrated its second anniversary in April.  He described its founding, based on the collection of the Valley Forge Historical Society, begun Episcopal Priest W. Herbert Burke, with the purchase at auction of General George Washington’s military war tent.  Now the cornerstone of the museum, it’s surrounded by a permanent collection and objects on loan from private collectors and families.

He discussed how the museum presents artifacts in accessible, interactive ways and humanizes the stories to attract contemporary audiences.  He spoke on the museum’s efforts to relate the stories of the native peoples, women and people of color, using diaries and personal papers.   We discussed the museum’s more scholarly work, too, its archives, its continuing search for artifacts and its upcoming consortium.   The museum will present its first international exhibit in the fall, ‘The Cost of the Revolution: The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier;’  looking at the war’s impact on a soldier fighting for the British.

Finally, a look at upcoming events and Dr. Stephenson invites everyone to attend a ‘History After Hours’ event, cocktails, conversation and hands-on activities after the museum’s regular hours.

For more information about special events, hours and exhibits, go to

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