The Marshall Portnoy Show

Our special guests were Beth Rosenwasser and Lior Liebling of J-Chai, the Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence.  A discussion of Passover led to two cantorial selections, one with Zawel Kwartin and one with Moishe Oysher’s sister Fraydele Oysher. We talked about the Seder and included two versions of Avadim Hayinu, one with Uzi HItman, one with Rich Recht. We also featured a medley of Dayenus. Did you guess the name of each performer?! Our regular segment, “Time for YIddish!” with Rita Ratson included discussion of the song “Rozhinkes Mt Mandlen”. Please patronize our sponsors - - - Hymie’s Merion Deli, Stephanie Levin and Salon 31, and Dr. Joseph Greenberg - - - and let them know how much their support of the show means to you.

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