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GMAR CHATIMAH TOVAH!! And, by the way, if you did not understand that phrase or the Hebrew grammar behind it, you’ll want to tune in this Tuesday, just a few hours before Kol Nidre is chanted in synagogues throughout the country! To explore the holiday and the cantorial tradition, we are joined by Cantor Faryn Rudnick who remembers her cantorial mentor, Cantor Ilan Mamber. Marvelous music connected to the holiday is provided by Cantor Paul Zim, Cantor Charles Osborne, and greats of the past Richard Tucker and Jan Peerce. Yiddishist Rita Ratson joins us (in Yiddish!), and Chef Jane is on hand with the perfect way to Break The you-know-what! On this New Year, thanks as always to everyone at WWDB AM860, Beasley Media, and to Academic Translator Hani Davis all the way from Jerusalem.

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