The Marshall Portnoy Show

In anticipation of Passover, we kicked off the show with Hankus Netsky and the Klezmer Conservatory Band playing “Dayenu”, and the late, the great Moishe Oysher singing “Chod Godyo”. We honored the March 13 birthdays of Neil Sedaka, and a discussion of the Entebbe rescue led to a commemoration of the birthday of Yonatan Netanyahu. Time for Yiddish! featured Rita Ratson, and our special guest was Paula Goldstein, Director of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service. Musical selections also included “Dem Neyem Sher” with The Barry Sisters and “Dayenu” with Shmueli Ungar. Chef Jane helped us learn the ins and outs of sponge cake for Passover. Thanks to our sponsors Hymie’s Merion Deli, Dr. Joseph Greenberg, Stephanie Levin and Salon 31, and Janelle International, publisher of A Jewish Calendar of Festive Foods.