The Marshall Portnoy Show

Have we got a show for you this Tuesday at 10 AM - - an exclusive extensive visit with CRAIG TAUBMAN! You may know him as one of the premiere Jewish composer/performers of the era, with credits from the Jewish world (Friday Night Live!) to Disney to HBO. But Craig is much more! Five years ago, he started an amazing community center in Los Angeles called the Pico Union Project. Almost one hundred years ago, the building was a synagogue, and now a man of Jewish conscience and conscientiousness has started something that one local resident writes is “singlehandedly keeping the community alive.” Yiddishist Rita Ratson will join the show for a delightful look at one of her favorite songs and singers. And we’ll have a marvelous arrangement of a famous gospel song performed by Cantor Pavel Roytman and the legendary Corky Siegel and his Chamber Blues. All that and more is coming up this week on The Marshall Portnoy Show.