Mark & Denise in the Mornings

If your at the mid-week struggle that's ok, wake up and get your hump day started with Mark & Denise in the Mornings. Today was a bit of laid back show as we got started off talking about a few headlines making news, that of R Kelly & most recently Tom Brokaw who both have Sexual Harassment Allegations staring them in the face. Coming on to the show closing out the 7:00 hour was Erika Almiron, the Executive Director of Juntos, discussing the caravans of immigrants from Mexico. Today's 8:00 hour, once again brought to you by POWER, did not feature any guests this morning and instead looked to turn the show over to the viewers to open up and discuss any pending issues, so don't shy away and always feel free to join in on the discussions. To put a cap on today's show, Mark & Denise jumped into the sports pool talking about the NBA playoffs and what lies ahead for the 76ers.