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Good morning, good morning. Today I think we are going to call it a Wacky Wednesday. With the events that took place late in the day yesterday, sparked and fueled the conversation for today’s show, that being the release of Meek Mill from prison. Our first guest of the guest of the morning was Keira Bradford-Grey the Philadelphia Public Defender came on to talk about the events leading up to & process that led to the release of Meek Mill, as well as other issues relating to her clients that could lead to their release as well. Rounding out the 7:00 hour today was Reverend Damon Jones who had an encounter with Meek Mill a number of years ago came on to share his thoughts on Meek’s release. Today’s 8:00 hour as always was brought to you by POWER packed the punch as well with multiple callers wanting to join the conversation on the release of Meek Mill and what lies ahead as well as what can be done moving forward to prevent possible situations from happening again. The final guest of the morning was Reverend Traci Blackmon was able to briefly change the topic of conversation as she dropped in to talk about the opening of the Lynching Museum.

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